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Keepsake Cards

The Baby On The Way Collection Cards were established is 2006. Month by month poem cards written from baby on the way during pregnancy has united xpecting families for many years. These keepsake cards will warm your hearts. The cards are available for purchase in both hard copy or digital download. 


Keepsake Ebook

"Every Baby On The Way Has Something To Say", nicknamed "Daddy's Survival Guide During Pregnancy" was created in 2010. It includes 9 letters to Mommy and 9 Letters to Daddy during pregnancy. Mommy reads Daddys aloud and Daddy reads Mommys aloud. 1 bonus letter to both for good luck. 



Healthy Adventures

Enter the digital library of the Goo Goo Licious Gang. AJ Apple, Bella Blueberry, Buddy Banana & Ollie Orange were created in 2011 as the guides of Healthy & Happy Adventures for Kids. Digital Downloads for purchase including  song and jingle lyrics, Download and print coloring and so much more. 


Poems,Quotes &More  

246 MOTIV8 NEWS was designed as a purpose filled mission in 2020. Filled with many FREE downloads. Motivation for kids and families during a time we need it the most. With so much happening in the world that is challenging...KIDS AND ADULTS NEED A PLACE OF POSITIVE MOTIVATION.  


Get ready to activate, unlock and take your senses to the next level...

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